Miss Mandy

Miss Mandy

My name is Miranda (Mandy) Bender and I am a woman of many hats.

I’m a wife, mom and step mom of a big beautiful blended household of 9 (4 sons and 3 daughters).

I work full time as a Registered Social Worker. I have a B.S.W. and a B.A in Social Sciences. I currently work primarily with seniors but have worked previously as a Licensed Childcare Centre Director and Youth Group Home Case Manager. 

But my favourite Hat to wear is Pre-Beginner Dance Teacher.  I began my journey with Born to Be in 2015 as a parent and when I saw how different and special this dance family was I knew I needed to be a bigger part of it. I knew my children were at the right place and I wanted to do more to help to see the vision of Born to Be grow.  I have danced for over 13 years and have many amazing dance memories from my childhood. The studio has become a second home to me and my family and I look forward to being apart of each of these little ones lives!

Ms. Mandy

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